Become an outdoor spa star

November 24, 2014

An outdoor spa is a little slice of luxury that brings an instant resort feel to your Bendigo home.

Just imagine it. After a hard day’s work, you can relax in those soothing jets of warm water and recharge your batteries. Or get on the phone, call your mates around and share a refreshing drink in the spa under the stars with them. One thing’s for sure, it’ll make your backyard a magnet for family and friends whatever the season.

Installing an outdoor spa is not as hard as you think. In fact, with the right advice – and it’s well worth talking to the Phoenix Plumbing team – you can make your choice and have it up and running for the holiday season. And if you’re a parent, won’t that win you brownie points with your kids!

There are many points to consider when selecting an outdoor spa, including:

  • Your budget. Spas can vary in price from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000.
  • What sort of spa you want. They range from in-ground to portable and can be made of a variety of material such as concrete, fibreglass, plastic and wood.
  • What size fits your lifestyle. Are you after a small hot tub for two, a large spa that fits family and friends or a swim spa?
  • Who will install it? While some portable spas can be installed by their owners, ask a licensed plumber for advice and help when installing in-ground spas and ones using natural gas heaters to warm the water.
  • The spa’s location. Think about factors including its weight and the supporting structure it sits on, your privacy and landscaping.
  • Ensuring you meet safety regulations concerning fences, gates and spa lids.

Whether you want a spa for therapeutic reasons or pure pleasure, the relaxing and calming environment can strip away everyday stresses and aches. From basic models with simple jets to bling models, with speakers, ice buckets and coloured lights, there’s sure to be spa that suits your purpose, price and property.

At Phoenix Plumbing in Bendigo, we’re experienced in installing outdoor and indoor spas so contact us for advice or help.