Our Bendigo plumbers, a qualified success

December 18, 2014

When it comes to nearly all domestic plumbing jobs in Bendigo, it’s best for householders to tamp down those DIY urges and call in the experts.

At Phoenix Plumbing, our team of qualified and licensed Bendigo plumbers has seen first-hand the unfortunate results of novices `having a crack’ at jobs that should legally be left to professional tradespeople. Often they end in disaster, a desperate call to the local plumber for immediate help and an even bigger repair bill to correct the damage their enthusiastic efforts have caused.

The impressive array of plumbing products in hardware stores coupled with a steady TV diet of reno shows mean it doesn’t take much for the DIY bug to bite.

But the fact of the matter is the bulk of plumbing jobs around the house must legally be carried out by qualified and licensed plumbers and gasfitters. Sure, there are a few things you can do yourself, like change a three-star shower head or a tap washer, but strong regulations that ensure high standards and protection of people’s health and safety mean you’re better off channelling your DIY desires to other less regulated household projects.

And with good reason. Messing around with drinking water, sewage, piping hot water and gas can be seriously dangerous. Even deadly. For you and for others. So much can go wrong in inexperienced hands. That’s why regulations place the work firmly in qualified hands, like Phoenix Plumbing’s team.

Our plumbers also issue compliance certificates, which guarantee the work meets appropriate Australian Standards and protect you if problems arise down the track due to faulty installation. Using unlicensed tradespeople can also void warranties and insurance.

So don’t risk your health or your hip pocket when it comes to plumbing jobs around your home. Contact us at Phoenix Plumbing and let our qualified and licensed plumbers in Bendigo handle your plumbing and gas fitting jobs safely, skilfully and swiftly. It’s the sensible approach and can save you time and money in the long run.