Ask us about rainwater tank installation in Bendigo

November 29, 2015

Household costs seem to be on a continual climb so why not make 2016 the year to set your home on an efficiency drive? Rainwater tank installation in Bendigo is a perfect way to get the ball rolling, helping your wallet and your planet. And both are strong reasons to start a conversation with your trusted plumber.

At Phoenix Plumbing we’ve been installing tanks across the city and the region for years. Our crew, with its combined plumbing experience of more than 150 years, can help you down the right path when it comes to tank selection including size, style and site. Once you’ve decided on the ideal tank, our qualified and highly-trained plumbers will carry out rainwater tank installation at your property. Then it’s a matter of waiting for the rain and collecting that lovely, free liquid from the sky for use on your garden and in your home.

The range of tank options can seem bewildering at first. Do you want a polyethylene one, or one made of fibreglass, steel or concrete? How big should it be? Should you go for a round one, an underground one, a slimline or a storage wall design? Does it need a stand? And will it be gravity fed or need a pump. If your head is spinning, don’t stress. Rainwater tanks are part of our business and we know our business well. So bring us your questions, we’ll find the answers and before long you’ll be taking a big step towards improving your home’s efficiency and relying less on mains supply.

Tanks have been in use on rural properties for many decades. Now there is a growing army of them in urban areas across Australia too, as people recognise the humble tank’s benefits. They reduce the burden on mains supply, cut the dreaded water bill, keep your garden alive if water restrictions tighten and are a sensible, sustainable approach to household water consumption.

But when you get a tank you want to make sure the job’s done right. That the equipment, which can include first-flush diverters and leaf-shedding rain heads, is installed correctly. That you are going to harvest the maximum amount of rain possible when it finally falls on your roof.

Phoenix Plumbing constantly delivers quality rainwater tank installation Bendigo clients have grown to rely on, giving people peace of mind that the work is completed to a high standard so they can start their household’s efficiency drive on a great note.

Please contact us at Phoenix Plumbing if you would like more information.