What your hot water installation in Bendigo is telling you

October 28, 2015

Turn on the hot tap and lovely liquid heat flows out. That’s how it works in households across Australia and that’s the way we like it. But what hapens when something goes wrong and it looks like a new hot water installation in Bendigo is on the cards for you?

In many cases our hot water system speaks to us before it gets to a critical stage. There can be telling little signs that all is not well and the trick is to recognise them and call in an experienced plumber for help.

Our qualified and reliable team at Phoenix Plumbing can inspect the system –¬† be it gas, electric or solar – to find the problem and carry out repairs where possible. If your hot water system is about a decade old, there’s a good chance it will be nearing the end of its working life. That’s when our plumbers can advise you on your options and carry out a new installation for you if needed.

So what signs can point to problems with a hot water system? Well, indications that all is not well can include:

  • A reduction in hot water or inconsistent supply
  • Irregular temperatures, making showers an interesting experience
  • Noises coming from the system including cracking, groaning and even popping sounds
  • Delays in the water heating up
  • Discoloured water
  • Leaks
  • And gross fluctuations in your gas or electricity bills

For your hot water installation in Bendigo¬†to work efficiently, it’s advisable to get it serviced every few years. That way minor problems are caught before they become major problems. And, whatever the situation, a professional plumber can provide quality advice about the best way forward – be it repair or renew.

If you think your hot water system is telling you something, contact us at Phoenix Plumbing and let our experienced plumbers translate for you. Whether it’s a case for repair or for a new hot water installation in Bendigo, our crew will do a quality job to get your hot water running efficiently again.