Your rainwater tank installation experts in Bendigo

August 28, 2015

A long, dry summer is only months away so now’s the perfect time to book your rainwater tank installation in Bendigo and built up a solid liquid supply from the sky.

If you leave it too late, you risk starting the sunny season with a dry tank and that’s no good to anyone. Putting one in now allows you to harness spring rain and make the most of one of the peak rainfall times in Bendigo.

If you have questions about rainwater tank installation, then have a chat to our qualified and experienced plumbers at Phoenix Plumbing. While we supply and install water tanks for homes and businesses, we can also advise you on the best tank to suit your needs, site and budget.

Water tanks are a great, sustainable addition to your property on many fronts. They provide a free source of water for you to use on your garden and in your home. Tank supply can be used to flush toilets, do the washing and in the shower. Whatever you use it for, it means there is less of a burden on mains supply and less hurt in your hip pocket when it comes to your water bills.

Australia has among the highest water consumption for its population in the world. Authorities estimate more than 25 per cent of homes in the nation have water tanks and that trend is likely to grow.

Water tanks come in many shapes, sizes and materials and there is one out there that will definitely fit the bill for your premises. Please contact us at Phoenix Plumbing if you would like information about rainwater tank installation in Bendigo.