Solar hot water installation for your Bendigo home

July 31, 2015

Are you already thinking warm thoughts about summer and wish it was here? While the heat might be months away, now’s an ideal time to start considering solar hot water installation in Bendigo and what the sun can do for you.

That way when the sun starts to bite, you’ll be able to enjoy its touch and the reduction in energy bills it heralds with a quality system in place.

Often the best step when it comes to solar technology and installation is to talk to an expert. At Phoenix Plumbing, the experienced and qualified team will be able to help match the best solar hot water products to your  needs, taking into account your house, the number of people who call it home and their water usage.

Our knowledgeable team will advise on the premium location for your solar equipment including collector panels and storage tanks. It’s important to get that position right to make the most of the sun’s potential. While many systems are roof mounted – panels and tanks alike – others are configured with the tank at ground level.

And after we’ve carried out safe and efficient installation of your solar hot water system, we can also provide maintenance to ensure it continues to run efficiently.

In Australia it makes sense to tap into that big ball of energy beaming down at us from the sky. It’s a sustainable source of power, it can save you money on utility bills and it’s good news for the environment.

So don’t let another summer go by saying `We really need to look into solar hot water’. Contact us at Phoenix Plumbing and we’ll make it easy for you.