Call your gas plumber in Bendigo

June 26, 2015

We’ll service your gas heater so you stay safe

Toxic gas from faulty heaters can be a silent killer so it’s important to book a qualified gas plumber in Bendigo to service your appliances as winter’s grip tightens across the region.

Gas heaters – from space heaters and wall units to central heating units – will get a serious work out during the next few months. They’re switched on in the mornings to take the edge off the cold and often keep toiling away until the household goes to bed. Some stay on around the clock. But how safe is your gas heater? And how safe are you and your loved ones from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Harmful CO emitted from a faulty gas heater can trigger a range of serious health problems including headaches, chest pain, nausea, dizziness right up to unconsciousness and death. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it – but it packs a deadly punch.

The best way to reduce the risk of CO poisoning is to get your gas heater professionally serviced every one to two years before winter takes hold.

At Phoenix Plumbing, our qualified and experienced gas plumbers in Bendigo will do a thorough inspection and service of your appliance to ensure it is safe to use, giving you peace of mind. Servicing also ensures the gas heater is running as efficiently and economically as possible.

Experienced gas plumbers can carry out tasks including careful cleaning of heater fans and filters, checking chimney and flue are clear and inspecting connections between furnace, flue pipes and venting systems. They will use a carbon monoxide analyser, a specialist piece of equipment, to discover whether poisonous gas is leaking from your gas heater. They can also carry out repairs to make your heater safe or advise you if you need a new one.

So don’t put your family at risk this winter. Booking a gas plumber to inspect and maintain your heater is a small price to pay to ensure you family remains warm and healthy in your home.

And if you are concerned your heater isn’t working properly, call a quality plumber as soon as possible. Danger signs of a faulty heater can include the surrounding wall being really hot to touch, soot around the appliance and a pilot light that extinguishes suddenly or makes banging or popping noises when it lights.  Faulty heaters can also trigger fires.

So don’t delay. Contact us at Phoenix Plumbing and let our experienced gas plumbers in Bendigo make sure your gas heater is working safely and efficiently.