Your industrial plumber in Bendigo for backflow prevention

April 7, 2015

Unlike many countries around the world, in Australia we are lucky to be able to turn on a tap and drink the water. We can wash our fruit and vegetables under the tap and take a bath or shower with water that is pure, clean and above all, safe for consumption.

However, that quality can be affected where fluids, chemicals or other foreign matter flow into the public drinking water system. This can happen where there is “backflow”.

In the plumbing world, backflow is when there is a reverse flow of water into our pipes. This happens most often when there has been a burst water main and a temporary loss of pressure within a water pipe or water main.

There are, however, backflow prevention devices that stop water flowing back into pipes. As a property owner with a reticulated water supply connection, you are responsible for ensuring that there is a fully functioning backflow device correctly installed. There are a number of different devices that can be used, with each depending on the hazard rating of your property. The hazard warning is a measure of the safety risk your property poses to the main water supply and this rating ranges from low, medium to high. You need to get an accredited backflow plumber to assess your property’s hazard rating and then install the correct kind of backflow device. Once completed, the plumber will send the water authority a certificate of compliance only when they have installed a medium or high hazard device.

Phoenix Plumbing is your accredited backflow licensed industrial plumber Bendigo-wide. You can rely on the professionals at Phoenix Plumbing to ensure you comply with all backflow standards as provided by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500:1.