Rainwater tank installation in Bendigo

March 10, 2015

With an average of only three rainy days in the month of March, now might not be the time of year you are thinking of rainfall. However, now is precisely when you should be thinking about rain. The months from May to September have rated on average as the most precipitous on the calendar in and around the Bendigo district. By June and July we can expect an average of 10 rainy days each month.

For those who have a garden to care for, access to cheaper sources of water is always an important consideration. With an average of 240 rain-free days per year in Bendigo, there are clearly plenty of days when your garden would be crying out for water but Mother Nature isn’t going to supply it. So if you don’t already have a water tank installed, now is the time to consider one to take advantage of the upcoming months of high rainfall.

Once installed, a rainwater tank provides you with a free supply of water, as rainwater falls for free! Whether utilised on your garden, or in the home for bathing, washing or flushing the toilet, you are reducing the need to use mains water which will in turn reduce your water bills. It doesn’t take long for the cost of the water tank and its installation to be covered by the reduction in your water bills.

Phoenix Plumbing can provide you with water tanks ranging from a small tank to suit a home with a courtyard garden, to a larger tank or multiple tanks to suit a busy family household or commercial business with substantial outdoor areas and/or water needs.

For rainwater tank installation Bendigo-wide, look no further than the friendly professionals at Phoenix Plumbing. We can advise you on your water needs, the size water tank you would require, and provide you with a free quote on the tank and installation.