Our commercial plumbers in Bendigo provide regular plumbing maintenance

February 10, 2015

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent costly damage caused by a plumbing emergency. Repairing any damage will also prove costly so why not put a maintenance plan in place with Phoenix Plumbing?

Phoenix Plumbing can carry out a range of commercial maintenance jobs including:

  • Checking all gas lines and fittings for leaks or weaknesses which could lead to a leak
  • Checking condition of all piping and advising where replacement is needed
  • Regular cleaning of pipes, drains, taps, sinks and hot water systems
  • Regular cleaning of grease traps in commercial kitchens
  • Advice on water-saving measures that can be taken.

Potential damage from a plumbing emergency can be substantial and extremely disruptive for any business, regardless of its size. The premises or equipment may be damaged where a pipe has burst or has leaked; the same with a blocked or overflowing drain or toilet. We have experience in all types of commercial premises, from small cafes to multi-room restaurants and conference centres, office buildings, kindergartens and schools and more.

Don’t risk costly damage and repairs at your business. Call us at Phoenix Plumbing and we will work with you to set up an affordable schedule for regular maintenance to be carried out by the experienced and efficient commercial plumbers Bendigobusinesses rely on. The cost of repairing or replacing a cracked or weakening pipe will be far less than the cost of replacing flooring or equipment, not to mention the loss of productivity for your business when repairs are made. Give yourself the peace of mind you need when running a business and don’t be blindsided by an avoidable plumbing emergency.

However when you are affected by an unavoidable plumbing emergency, Phoenix Plumbing are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair burst pipes, blocked drains, hot water system emergencies and much more.